Georg fährt extra nach Berlin um Steve Ballmer zu treffen

Hello world!

Welcome to I have finally managed to replace the placeholder page with my „bavarian metro ui“ wordpress theme. I am sure it still has some glitches here and there. If you find problems with the site (and you are not using IE6), please let me know. The theme was originally inspired by these themes and has obviously changed a little since. Starkers HTML5 naked theme served as a great foundation. Oh yes, is completely HTML5. I have tested it only with IE9 RC and some Firefox version. As this is my personal playground, I do not intend to make this page look decent on the widest possible range of browsers.

My plan is to use this page not so much for regular blogging but as a showcase for some of the stuff I have done and am doing with .NET. Thanks for visiting and be sure to drop by every once in a while.

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